Course Content

Lesson 1: Understanding Radon

  • Define radon gas and describe its characteristics
  • Identify the radioactive properties of radon including progeny, half-life and ionization 
  • Recognize the history of the discovery of radon 
  • Identify and describe the units of measurement used for radon 
  • Describe the relationship of uranium mining to radon exposure 
  • Define what is considered unsafe levels of radon 
  • Describe how radon can cause disease 
  • Identify the differences of radon in the air vs radon in water 
  • Demonstrate an understanding of cellular damage caused by ionizing radiation 
  • Identify the risks associated with smoking and radon exposure 
  • Identify the relative risk of radon exposure to that of other causes of death

Lesson 2: Radon Testing

  • Learn the testing responsibilities of radon measurement
  • Learn about about NRSB and NRPP certification
  • Learn about real estate and non-real estate protocol procedures
  • Learn about different testing options dependent on conditions
  • Learn about visual inspections
  • Learn about radon content in soil and water

Lesson 3: Testing DevicesRadon Device Diagram

  • Identify and know the differences of different radon-detecting devices
  • Know the difference between passive and active radon devices
  • Be able to complete basic math equations used for calculating radon and working level month exposure to radon

Lesson 4: Results and Reporting

  • Know how to make your own QAP (quality assurance plan) to ensure that your tests are precise and your results are reliable
  • Know the difference between accuracy, precision, and bias
  • Learn to perform duplicate and simultaneous measurements
  • Identify "In Control" levels to assure the reliability of your device
  • Learn about the risks of test interference, and how to prevent it
  • Learn about testing during severe weather and how to fix tests compromised by weather

Lesson 5: Mitigation

  • Know mitigation basics and different mitigation methods

Radon Measurement Requirement Diagram

Learn about radon device placement to ensure your tests are always done correctly.